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PICKnGO is here for your phone

Our Story

Taxi app, PICKnGO, is set to revolutionize taxi services in the Klang Valley by offering fast, safe and convenient travel, all at the tap of a button. The latest taxi-hailing application in Malaysia, the app can connect users with approximately 10,000 taxi drivers which are fully licensed and insured across Greater Kuala Lumpur.

Other key benefits for users include connecting you to the taxi driver directly, access to a profile of the driver’s identity and following them on the interactive map so users know exactly when the taxi will arrive. Users can now download PICKnGO for both Android and IOS platforms for free.


Moving toward for private car, we believe that now is a good opportunity to make private car for PICKnGO Driver in order to archive greater PICKnGO community for long-term success.

Available on apps

Daily commute. Errand across town. Early morning flight. Late night drinks. Wherever you’re headed, count on PICKnGO for a ride.


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Safe and easy

No Surge Charge & Easy to Use
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Experience drivers

Our Drivers have gone thru proper screening and training
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Remote booking

Customer can book a taxi on behalf of someone.